The Importance of Website Maintenance, With Love

By December 3, 2015Web Design
Your website is the face to your business and it must be able to live up to the expectations of your visitors. Visitors of today demand not only aesthetically pleasing visuals from a well maintained website, but also need fresh information to keep pace with an information starved society.

Well maintained websites drive traffic and ultimately revenue to your business. The question is – Is churning out fresh articles for your audience and performing some SEO work enough to keep visitors coming? Likely not.

Very often, project teams work day and night developing a well designed and fully functioning website which engages online visitors perfectly. After which, the team gets busy and move on to other projects letting the recently launched website gather some dust. This is what we term as ‘fire and forget’, or in better context, ‘build and forget it’ syndrome.

Let us give our take on the few reasons why website maintenance is so important for your business.

1. Your Business Needs to Make the Right Impression from the Start

Building a business requires you to do just that when given an opportunity. Such opportunities are seen at networking events and you have only a span of seconds to give people the right impression. A good functioning company website is what impresses people when they first look up your company online. And this happens right after receiving your business card in this digital world.
Does your website give a good first impression? Are the articles up-to-date with the latest events? Is the copyright date in the footer still valid?

If these things are happening then you may be giving your prospects a poor first impression of your company and leaving money on the table.

On the other hand, if your website is up-to-date and maintenance is top notch, you will be communicating that your company is able to stay on top of things and communicate well.

2. Entice Your Visitors to Return to You

Developing a good relationship between your business (or yourself) with customers and prospects is not an easy task. In the online world, your site needs to stay current and informative to help you achieve that.

Maintaining your website regularly with relevant and up-to-date information such as a monthly newsletter and blog will help to retain customers. It is easier to keep one than to get a new one.

3. Increase Traffic and Search Engine Ranking

Search engines are non-human but they too love content renewal. With new content on a regular basis, your site rankings will be given a boost along with opportunities in being rank for keywords too.

When a site is not maintained well with fresh articles, stories and information, the search engines detect this and may eventually stop crawling your site. The result is that your site begins to lose its ranking and experience a drop for specific keywords. Search engine optimisation is a necessary activity to remain aggressive in marketing.

4. Keep Your Website Well Maintained Against Security Exploits

Most websites are based on content management systems, according to statistics. Due to its popularity access and knowledge on it has increased for both right and wrong purposes. Websites based on such systems are not spared from hackers who want to break in and upload Trojans and malicious files. Therefore it is important to keep your website updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes.

With outdated software, malicious hackers are able to gain access and do things such as steal data or plant malicious files for their own gain. You do not want your visitors to get a bad impression when they get infected with files downloaded from your website. Worse of all, search engines do detect malware and lower your site’s visibility as a result.

5. The Chase for Technology Trends

New technology erupts and disrupts constantly. We need to accept that the web is growing at a tremendous rate and changing all the time. How do we keep up with it? For most businesses, a common approach is to perform incremental changes over time rather than a complete rebuild every few years. This is largely due to prudent budgeting for technology spend.

To Sum it Up

Your website is one of the most important tools in business to increase your return on investment. You need not shoulder all the effort yourself to keep in maintained, but utilise agencies to help you along with it. With consistent website maintenance, you will be sure of customers past, present and new will always come knocking back.

P.S. The image of coffee beans is just to show you how much love we have for the coffee we consume while maintaining websites.